Anonymous said: don't listen to anyone. you're super pretty and such a nice girl! . i would love to be your friend if i had the chance :)

awh :3 who is this? i’d love a friend c:

hi tumblr. i haven’t really updated you guys on anything in like 2309473 years so hi.
today i am two days self harm free. which is unfortunate, but i’ve only cut about 6 times in the past 6 months, which is a huge improvement from before. i’m on medication for my depression, but it gives me A.D.D. during my morning classes, which is taking a toll on my average, but its better than feeling like dying constantly.
i relapsed two days ago and cut the deepest i ever had, in the school bathroom. i ended up really light headed from the blood loss and in a impulsive moment i threw all my blades into the toilet, shaking like fuck. i was really scared, so i tried to make it back to my class room, but i fell to the floor in the hallway, super light headed and feeling like i was going to vomit, i crawled back to the bathroom and sat in front of the toilet, feeling like i was about to die. i broke out into sweat all over my body and went really pail. at this point i texted my friend to come help me, she sat with me and held my hair back and rubbed my back and listened to my mindless blabbering for 20 minutes. eventually i got enough strength to get back to class, with her help, and i had to sit and drink water for the rest of class. it was by far the scariest moment of my life.
so basically i’m doing decent, i have a job at the daycare now, which i love. it makes me so happy, and the kids are ADORABLE.
and me and liz are still together, 14 months :3 asdfghjkl i love her more than anything.
so basically that is my life right now. love you all <3 muah.

Anonymous said: you're such a fucking cunt, you never talk to anyone and you turn down anyone who wants to be friends with you. think you're too good for everyone or something? bitch.

wow, i stay off this tumblr account, come back on to delete it and get this?

i don’t talk to anyone, because no one wants to talk to me. i have bad social anxiety and i don’t just walk up to someone and start a conversation, but i’d talk to anyone who started a conversation with me. just go away, you don’t know me.

i’ve never turned down someone who could be a friend. i’ve never turned down anyone.. i’d love to have new friends. or any friends at all..

please just leave me alone, i didn’t do anything to you.. 




the idea of wearing jeans that are not skinny jeans terrifies me now i can’t remember what i used to do with all that extra space around my ankles 

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wow this is amazing

this is like paradise or something